What makes us different compared to other family filters?

No multiple software installations -
Family internet solution automatically filters content for all devices connected to your home network. There is no need to install software for any of your home devices.

No subscription fees -
Not only are they expensive, parental control that rely on subscriptions will cease to function once payments are stopped. Family Internet is different. Our services do not require ongoing costs. Once setup in your home, it will continue to work forever.

Cloud based updates -
Many other content filters require regular downloads to keep the software up to date. Updates to our system are mostly made at our end. You will have up to date protection without the need to download large update files.

Home Installation Service -
Modern home networks can be quite complicated. Introducing a new router can be a challenging task, especially for those who are not tech savy. At Family Internet, our staff will come to your home to setup up the system for you. This way you can enjoy the benefits of safe internet without the stress of do-it-yourself setup.

Bypass protection -
Children are resourceful. They will find innovative ways to bypass content filters. Many of the other commercial products out there are easily bypassed and become useless. As part of the Family Internet Solution, we will setup bypass protections in your home to prevent unauthorized user bypass.

Local business -
We are a locally based business in the Inner West region of Sydney. We can offer over the phone support, or in person consultation should you require it. Contact us at any time within business hours. We look forward to hearing from you.
Will it protect my iPhone or iPad?

Yes. Family Internet will protect all devices as long as they are connected to your home network. This includes computers, laptops, mobile phones, tablets, gaming consoles, and smart TVs.

Do I need to install software for devices I want to protect?

No! Family Internet will automatically protect devices connected to your home internet. There is no need to install software on any of your devices.

Do I need to pay a subscription fee?

No! Family Internet does not require ongoing payments to work. Once installed in your home, it will function forever.

Will there be updates to the system?

Yes. Our solution uses the OpenDNS platform which is regularly updated and improved. These updates are offered free of charge.

Will it slow down my internet?

No. Family Internet uses DNS technology which does not affect network speeds or bandwidths.

Can I change the filter's settings?

Yes. Family Internet filter is fully customizable. With over 60 categories to block, you can create a filter preset that perfect for your family's needs. Learn more here.

Will visitors be protected?

Yes, visitors who use your internet will also receive protection.

Can I test before I buy?

Yes. We provide free in home demonstration for Sydney customers. We also offer a 14 days money back guarantee.

Why use a content filter?

Statistics show that more than 90 percent of school aged children have encountered adult content while browsing the internet, often while doing homework.

Government institutions and schools employ DNS based filters. They are rigorous in their efforts to protect web activities within their network. Children browsing on school networks are safe. Once children come back home however, all restrictions are off as most homes are completely unprotected. As children are increasingly adopting technologies and moving in to the virtual world, many are being exposed to explicit images and videos. They may stumble upon websites that are too extreme even for adults. They may become the target of unscrupulous ads hoping to exploit their credulity. They may also the victims of phlishing (stealing of sensitive information by masquerading as trustworthy websites) or another malicious online activities.

Banning the use of the internet is not the solution. The internet presents a vast repository of knowledge, and is invaluable in the process of learning.

There need to be a system in place to allow children to enjoy the benefits of internets, while protecting them from dangers that comes with it. This is why every family with school aged children should have a content filter.

With Family Internet, you take comfort in knowing your kids have a safer online environment to explore and to discover.

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