Block adult content and enforce safe search with world leading cloud security service.

No multiple software installations.
Automatically protects all devices using your home network.
No monthly subscription fees.
Free updates and support.
Risk Free
Free in home demonstration.
14 days money back guarantee.

Internet Content Filter Solution for Everyday Families

The Family Internet Solution is the powerful and cost effective way to protect you're family from pornography, nudity, and other unwanted content when browsing online.
Our pre-configured firewall router will force all internet traffic to be filtered through world leading cloud security service. This will actively prevent inappropritate content from reaching devices connected to your home network. There is no need for software installation on any of your local devices. Even visitors can enjoy safe and protected browsing experience.

The family internet solution includes home installation service. We will integrate the family internet router seemlessly into your home, improve your network security, and create fail safes against unauthorised user bypass. We can also teach you how to change the filter's settings, or help you create an unique profile.

With Family Internet, you can have peace of mind knowing your children are browsing safe online. Your family will love it!
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Why Choose Family Internet?

No Subscription Fees
Not only are subscriptions expensive, content filters that rely on subcription will cease to function when payments are stopped. If the company offering the service closes down, the router you bought would be useless. With the Family Internet router, all functionalities are self contained. It doesn't rely on a paid subscription service to work. Once it's installed in your home, it will function forever.
Cloud Based Updates
Family Internet uses world learding cloud security services which are regularly updated and improved. These updates are made directly at the cloud server end. This means that you will enjoy benefits of updates without the need to download large update files.
No Software Installation
Once the Family Internet system is installed, all devices will automatically be protected if they are connected to your home network. There is no need for multiple software downloads or installations.
Customizable Filter Settings
With over 26 categories to restrict, you decide what contents are allowed and what is blocked. Take full controll.
Home Installation Service
Home networks can be quite complicated, consisting of printers, computers, wifi connections, and smart TVs. To set up a router would be a challenge, especially for those who are not tech savy. With Family Internet, we will set up the router for you to ensure the experience transitioning into having safe internet is smooth and stress free.
Bypass Prevention
Content filters are effective only when they can be enforced. Kids will often find innovative methods to bypass parental control. As part of the Family Internet Solution, we will setup bypass protections in your home to prevent unauthorized user bypass.
Locally Trusted Business
Family Internet is developed and supported by Concise IT Engineering. We are a small business situated in the inner west of Sydney. Based locally, we can readily respond to queries and solve problems if they arise. This enables greater customer interaction and allows us to deliver better customer experience.

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